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Free advice and estimates

  • Property value evaluation
  • Free estimate various interventions

Preparation of advertising material

  • Comprehensive layout plans
  • Virtual processing, photorealistic renderings
  • Photographic services
  • Home book processing
  • Open house event organization

Home staging

  • Home staging for residential, commercial and empty buildings
  • Home staging for properties to be rented
  • “Virtual” home staging

Furniture, fittings and relooking

  • Supply of furnishings for properties to sell or rent
  • Furniture rental for stands
  • Relooking projects
  • Design and study of shop windows
  • Preparation of “pilot” apartments for construction sites

Project consulting

Real estate requalification
Interior design and furnishings
Plant design
Furniture design with purchase assistance
Building and cadastral practices
Energy certifications


  • Energy requalification of buildings
  • Supply of internal and external doors and windows
  • Masonry works, blacksmith works
  • Realization of electrical systems, plumbing and
  • heating systems, dehumidifying treatments
  • Interior floors and walls construction
  • Painting, decors, plasterboard, etc.


  • Painting
  • Cleaning services, small and large removals
  • Maintenance and standardization of systems: electrical, gas, hydraulic
  • Paperwork for utilities

Location management

  • Cleaning and preparation of accommodation for delivery
  • Real estate delivery, drafting of minutes and assistance to users
  • Unique reference for the drivers, consulting, maintenance, cleaning services
  • ISTAT updates, annual renewals, cancellations
  • Access to the competent offices.
  • Legal assistance in collaboration with established law firms.
  • Update fee for expiring contracts.
  • Drafting new contracts including the necessary forms and registration of the same.
  • Consultancy for planning, control and supervision of maintenance activities.
  • Checking the status of the property upon redelivery, with any restoration estimates
  • Final cleaning
  • Consultations and free estimates

Partner h2s

Home services necessary for the enhancement, maintenance, requalification and management of buildings.